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Buckets & Sprayers

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Adjustable Plastic Drum Pump

Adjustable Plastic Drum Pump

Fits five to 30 gallon drums with a 1/2" or 2" openings. Adjust to dispense two, four, six or eight ounces per stroke. Chemical and acid resistant design.
High Output Sprayers

High Output Sprayers

The largest capacity trigger sprayer available today. Outputs 3.3cc per stroke. Adjustable from a fine mist to a jet stream and has a full "off" position. Completely leak proof, even if overturned. Oversized ergonomic trigger reduces operator fatigue and provides comfort and control. Comes standard with a 28/400 closure and dip tube filter.
Buckets & Sprayers

Huskee® Buckets

Features durable steel handle and built-in pour spout. Available in 10 and 14 quart capacities. Graduations molded inside.
Soap and Sanitizer Pails

Soap and Sanitizer Pails


Reduce the risk of confusion between sanitizer and soap solution containers. RED for sanitizer and GREEN ...

Huskee™ Divided Pail

Huskee® Divided Pail

Rugged commercial buckets with insulated hand grip. Divided Pail allows separation of cleaning solution from rinse water.
Huskee™ Buckets / Pails / Haulers

Huskee® Hauler

19 gallon capacity with rope handles. Ideal for bulk storage, completely nestable.
Tank Sprayers

Huskee® Tank Sprayers

Ideal for floor maintenance, pest control, masonry cleaning, wood preservative and general maintenance. The remarkable nozzle adjusts from a fine spray to a powerful jet stream to shoot contents up to 30' away. The furnished poly spray attachment rotates 360º with a polymer shut-off valve with lock-on and lock-off feature.
Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles

Continental® bottles are molded of high density polyethylene. All bottles are standard with a 28/400 neck finish and molded in graduations.
Drum Pumps

Plastic Siphon Drum Pump

Fits 55 gallon drums with a 1-1/2" or 2" openings. Five gallon per minute flow rate. Polyethylene construction resists acid, caustic, alkaline, light oils, waxes, cleaners and insecticides.
Preprinted Huskee™ Buckets

Preprinted Huskee® Buckets

Same features as the traditional Huskee™ Buckets, but hot stamped with either of two messages: "Broken Glass" or "Sanitizer". Ideal for restaurants and required by HACCP Standards.
Prosafe™ Sprayer

Prosafe™ Sprayer

These bottles come in a pack of three, have a product check-off grid and provide trilingual (End/Sp/Fr) information to comply with the "Right to Know" regulations. 24 ounce bottle with 902 sprayer.
Pump Dispensers

Pump Dispensers

The unique threaded body disassembles quickly for sanitary cleaning. The body and head are polypropylene for maximum chemical compatibility. Use with cleaners, waxes, food products, cooking oils, hand soap, shampoo and germicidal detergents. Standard with Poly Flap Valve (HDPE), made from FDA and USDA approved materials. Also see Food Service section. The 10BC (38mm) Buttress Cap allows use of the 10HL on a five gallon pail with a flexi-spout.
Self-Priming Nickel Plated Pump

Self-Priming Nickel Plated Pump

Fits 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums with a 1-1/2" or 2" openings. Dispenses 22 ounces per stroke. Nickel plated pump resists chemical action of non-corrosive liquids.
902 R W B Triggers3

Spray - Pro Sprayers

Designed for heavy-duty, long-term industrial applications ranging from car care to window cleaners. The Continental® 902 Trigger Sprayer features a leak-proof nozzle capable of delivering a consistent spray pattern that is adjustable from a full "off" position to a fine, atomized mist to a powerful jet stream. Completely leak proof, even if overturned. Our Spray-Pro Sprayers are also available in a chemical resistant model (902PW9).
Buckets & Pails

Utility / Squeegee Buckets

Heavy-duty bucket with ergonomic plastic handle bail. Accessory items work in conjunction for added convenience. Wheel Kit aids in maneuverability.