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Brushes, Scrubs & Scrapers

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Baseboard Brush (F501000)

Baseboard Brush

Designed to ease the stubborn task of cleaning baseboards. Angled crimped polypropylene fibers allows it to easily clean hard to reach corners, baseboards and stairways.
Crimped Nylon Tough Scrubs

Crimped Nylon Tough Scrubs

Ideal for kitchen scrubbing and other tough jobs. Fibers are flared to get into tight places and clean quickly. White plastic block is virtually unbreakable. A popular food service brush. Clear fibers.
Crimped Polypropylene Deck Brushes (I001010, I001012)

Crimped Polypropylene Deck Brushes

These chemical resistant bristles are ideal for scrubbing any dirt on smooth surfaces. Crimped trim provides aggressive action. Yellow fibers.
Crimped Polypropylene Tough Scrubs (I301108, I301120)

Crimped Polypropylene Tough Scrubs

This utility brush is ideal for general maintenance applications. Crimped fibers provide excellent scrubbing power and chemical resistance. Handle allows easy access to tight places for quick cleaning. Blue fibers.
Wire Brushes

Curved Handle Wire Scratcher

3 x 19 rows of tempered steel wire. This general purpose wire scratch, available with or without scraper, is best in industrial and commercial areas. Designed for scraping all types of surfaces.
Hand Brushes

Deluxe Hand & Nail Brush

Brushes for Complete Sanitation
Hand and nail brushes are ideal for complete sanitation during food preparation or for removing dirt from hands after industrial outdoor work.

Efficient hand cleaner features a short center row of nylon fibers to scrub under nails while longer outer rows clean fingers and hands. Ergonomic, plastic block has a large hang hole for easy storage. Black center (3/8" trim) and white outer (3/4" trim) fibers.
Detail Brushes

Detail Brushes

Available in three fibers with a plastic handle. Brass fibers are static free, nylon fibers are chemical resilient and add extra durability and stainless fibers are great for resistance to corrosion and high temperature.
Soft Fiber Vehicle Brushes

Flagged Nylon Washer

Tough, white nylon with feathered tips allows scratchless cleaning of exterior surfaces and has exceptional wearing abilities. Fiber is resistant to all common cleaners, detergents, acids or alkalis. Perfect for auto, truck and aluminum siding. Will not mat or absorb odors.
Vehicle Polystyrene Washer

Vehicle Polystyrene Washer

Perfect for auto, truck, RV, bus, boat, airplane or any vehicle. Flagged fiber provides non-scratch performance.

Handle Scrub

This highly versatile brush is easy to hold and simple to use. Crimped polypropylene fiber provides long lasting wear. Molded white plastic handle assures a good grip on routine cleaning jobs. Also great on upholstery and vinyl. White fibers.
Heavy Polypropylene Tough Scrubs (I302108, I302120)

Heavy Polypropylene Tough Scrubs

This all-purpose brush is great for virtually any scrubbing job in industrial and commercial settings. The flared, sturdy fibers are ideal for cleaning in cramped places and are resistant to most chemicals. Green fibers.
Multi-Level Scrub Brush (I004000)

Multi-Level Scrub Brush

Crimped polypropylene fibers provide long service even with solvents and other harsh chemicals. The unique shape of this brush makes it easy to clean a wide variety of surfaces like baseboards, under counters and around equipment in food service or industrial settings. Durable, structural foam block. Blue fibers.
Palmyra Deck Brush

Palmyra Deck Brushes

This sturdy and dependable brush is ideal for hard, rugged scrubbing on rough surfaces. Removes the heavy, caked dirt easily. Natural fibers.
Palmyra Tough Scrubs

Palmyra Tough Scrubs

Tough, durable scrubber is ideal for heavy-duty jobs and single use applications. Economical brush features stiff fibers which stand up to rugged scrubbing. Natural fibers.
Radiator Brush (E409100)

Radiator Brush

Thin profile allows bristles to get into tight spaces like radiators, vents and coils. Also a great counter or workbench duster. Natural lacquered hardwood handle with hang-hole for easy storage.
Scrapers and Blades

Scraper with Plastic Handles

The scraper line was designed for glass windows, doors and floors. All come with blade protector cover. 2556 may be used with our telescopic poles.
Shoe Handle Wire Scratch

Shoe Handle Wire Scratcher

4 x 16 rows of tempered steel wire. The shoe handle wire scrub provides a strong grip, while the scraper provides extra pressure for difficult jobs. Ideal for removing paint, rust and grease from masonry, wood or pipes.
Special Blade For Scraper

Special Blade For Scraper

Dispenser with ten blades
Swivet Scrub??? (I005100)

Swivet Scrub???

Special universal joint allows brush to swivel and lock into any position to clean corners, baseboards and around fixtures. Structural foam block swivels to allow access to hard to reach areas. Available with crimped yellow polypropylene (11/4" trim) or 120 grit (3/4" trim) fibers.
White Tampico Deck Brush

White Tampico Deck Brushes

These durable, liquid retaining bristles are ideal for all types of scrubbing on smooth and rough surfaces. Makes clean-up quick and easy. Natural fibers.
White Tampico Tough Scrubs (I303108, I303120)

White Tampico Tough Scrubs

Natural bristles provide excellent liquid retention for general cleaning. Durable, all-purpose brush won???t scratch and is highly resistant to cleaners and chemicals. Natural fibers.