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Air Care

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Deluxe Kleen Tech™ Multi-Function Aerosol Dispenser

New sleek design with digital display and real time clock.  Multiple options for time and spray interval setting with stop and start.  Effectively controls odors up to 6,000 cubic feet. New unit still accommodates CCP metered aerosols. "D" cell batteries not included.
Kleen Aire™ Carpet & Room Deodorizer & Absorbent

Kleen Aire™ Carpet & Room Deodorizer & Absorbent

Eliminates carpet and room odors while freshening the entire area. Distribute evenly over carpeted area each time you vacuum or use directly on a spill. Light weight and non-abrasive; will not harm carpets or vacuums. Contains sodium bicarbonate to eliminate smoke, must and pet odors. Absorbs and deodorizes oil, vomit, urine, blood and many other spills. 12 ounce shaker bottle.
Kleen Aire™ Instant Absorbent

Kleen Aire™ Instant Absorbent

Makes clean up easier by transforming liquids into a manageable gel. Contains both a biocide and quat to eliminate odors on contact. Absorbs 60 times its weight in liquid instantly; soaks up vomit, blood, urine and other spills, saving clean-up time. Ideal for restaurants, grocery, health care, day care, schools and institutions. 12 ounce shaker bottle.
Kleen Aire™ Neutralizer Gels

Kleen Aire™ Neutralizer Gels

Four different organic fragrances attack and neutralize odors anywhere they occur. Accommodates most gel cabinets.
Deodorants & Scents

Kleen Aire™ Wick Air Freshener

A long lasting economical way to control odors. Designed to freshen 1,500 cubic feet for 45-60 days. Non-spill 1.5 ounce bottle with adjustable wick is VOC compliant. Mini cabinet houses freshener and provides a professional appearance. Available in Cherry and Lemon fragrances. (One cabinet provided with each dozen fresheners.)
Kleen Bowl Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Kleen Bowl Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

An in-tank cleaner with a bluing agent that saves time and money while preventing scale build-up. Bluing agent released with each flush so you know that it’s working. Net weight is nine ounces per unit. Offers approximately 30 days protection.
Kleen Tech™ Metered Aerosols

Kleen Tech™ Metered Aerosols

These aerosols are a dry-type formula. Their dual odor counteractants are ideal for office areas, schools, institutions, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, gyms, rest rooms, etc. Seven ounce with universal actuator tip. 3,400 metered sprays per can.
Kleen Aire™ Products

Multi-Function Kleen Aire™ Cabinet

Multi-function fan unit with on/off switch, L.E.D. and light sensor. "D" cell batteries not included. Accommodates gels up to 2 7/8" diameter.
Air Care

Standard Kleen Tech™ Aerosol Dispenser

This dispenser has a refill reminder and is made out of chemical resistant plastic. 15 minute spray cycle. Effectively controls odors up to 6,000 cubic feet. Accommodates most metered aerosols. "D" cell batteries not included.