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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions


New Bar Cleaning Kit Flyer

New ColorGuard HACCP Cleaning Program

New  ColorGuard Products

New ColorGuard Usage Guide

New ErgoFlo Bucketless Mop

New FastMop Disposable Flat Mops

New Healthcare Cleaning Products

New Kitchen Cleaning Kit

New Microfiber Bar Towel

NewMop Buckets, Wringers & Combos

NewPowerWhisper Cordless Electric Sweeper

New Rubber Floor Squeegees

New Soap and Sanitizer Pails

NewWhich Mop is More Expensive?

Baby Changers - Infant Care

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Foodservice Products

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Microfiber Products

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Mops - Wilen Action Pro

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Mops - Wilen Usage Guide

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Receptacles - Wall Huggers

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Restroom Mats

Restroom Cleaning Value Pack

Safety Signs

Step On Receptacles


Sales Representative Contacts:

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PDF International Sales Reps  (PDF - 197KB)

PDF US-Food Service Sales Reps (PDF - 229KB)

PDF US-Janitorial Sales Reps (PDF - 231KB)

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Continental Commercial Products no longer manufactures Glit Products. For info on Glit Products click here.